Tenerife Wine


The alternation of subtropical warm anticyclones determines Tenerife’s singular climate leading to stable weather. The island’s topography pushes up the airflows that collide with the mountsides, provoking both the rise and cooling of the air that result in the phenomenon called “sea of clouds”. The gentle temperatures are the main feature of the insular climate, although temperatures decrease as the altitude rises.  

Most of the rains are originated in the North of the island, between 600 and 1.200 meters above sea level, where horizontal rain happens due to the sea of clouds presence. November to February is when its rains season peaks, in the summit areas snow appears in autumn and winter.

The differents positions of the island’s gradients in relation to the trade winds, as well as  the slopes, that go from the edge of the sea to more than 3.000 metres. All of that leads to Tenerife’s vineyards landscape,  conditioned by a combination of local climates, winds, rains, soil conditions and orientation.

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