Designation of Origin arrives at Valle de Güímar in 1996. The region is located on the southeast coast of the island and covers an area of ​​720 hectares, between altitudes ranging from 175 to 1,500 meters.
AREA: 1.500 Ha.


The vine extends in the Region from the areas close to the coast to near 1,500m, constituting one of the highest vineyard areas in Spain and the World.
The zone counts on a great variety of different soils, being able to group them in three great groups

  • Soils of the high part, between 800 and 1,500 m of height, generally of dry land.
  • Soils of vineyards planted on recent volcanic lava flows.
  • Soils of coast and mediocrity (quotas of 150-700 m). (cotas de 150-700 m).


The vineyard extends in this region from areas near the coast to very high heights, close to 1,500 meters. The predominance of the trade winds marks the character and personality of the wine.



Authorized: Bastardo negro, Vijariego negro.
Preferred: Listán negro, Malvasía rosada, Moscatel negro , Negramoll.


Authorized: Listán blanco, Moscatel, Vijariego.
Preferred: Gual, Malvasía , Verdello.

Zonas de producción

The Valle de Güímar D.O. is born in 1995. It is in the southeast of the island and includes Arafo, Candelaria and Güímar. The vineyard extends from near-shore areas to altitudes close to 1,500 meters. The volcanic soils and the predominance of the trade winds mark the distinctive essence of their wines.

DO Valle de Güimar


The area of vineyard in the Güímar Valley covers 720 hectares and is not a valley in the geographical sense of the term. It corresponds to a tectonic pit originated by the displacement towards the sea of a great mass of land. The zone in which the Denomination of Origin Valley of Güímar is located, located in the southern slope, forms a rectangle of about 18 km of length by 8 km of width.

Wine cellar

Bodega Cándido Pérez Pio

Bodega Ferrera

Bodega El Borujo

Bod. Com. V. de Güimar

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