One of Tenerife Wines key to success is the wiede variety of pre-phylloxic vines that grow on the island, impossible to found in the rest of the country. Malvasía grape stand out, it is a especially aromatic berry, of the oldest known. In the past this grape variety was used to elaborate the canary wines, really appreciated both in Europe and America. It is a strain different from the ones used in the rest of Spain or in Lanzarote, and Malvasía reaches in higher latitudes it best quality and potential.


Medium orbicular leaf, 3-lobed. U-shaped petiolar sinus with non-overlapped sinuses. Profile of the surface is hairless and underside with hair, concave teeth, medium length of petiole and hairless. Medium bunch with visible peduncule, conical shape and even cylindrical. Spherical yellow berry, white pulp and colorless juice.


Medium-large leaf size, pentagonal, undulated and short U-shaped petiolar sinus. Undulated blade with short petiole. Medium sized berry, short length, loose fruits and short peduncle. Small yellow berry with ovoid shape.


Medium-small orbicular leaf, wide open U-shaped petiolar sinus, very marked superior and inferior sinuses, profile is hairless, convex lateral teeth, dark green non shiny color and short petiole. Cylindrical bunch of medium compactness and visible peduncle, small rounded berry with presence of bloom, colorless juice and fleshy pulp. Distinctive flavour with high acidity during ripening period.


Large orbicular leaf with pronounced lateral sinuses and V-shaped petiolar sinus. Medium-small bunch, compact with short peduncle. Small size berry with spherical shape and greenish-yellow skin.


Medium sized leaf, pentagonal, V-shaped petiolar sinus and open overlapped sinuses with convex teeth. Medium-large bunch with medium compactness and short peduncle. Medium berry, acuminated and spherical form with greenish-yellow skin and fleshy pulp.


Medium-small leaf, open lyre shape petiolar sinus, slightly marked lateral inferior sinuses and marked superior sinuses. Medium-large bunch, thick berry, yellow-greenish color, short elliptic shape with uncolored juice, medium thick skin and neutral herbaceous taste.


Medium-small size leaf, cuneiform, wide open U-shaped petiolar sinus. Medium sized compact bunch. Short elliptic berry of medium size with yellow-green skin.


Medium size leaf, smooth surface, pentagonal shape with pronounced sinus. Medium-large bunch, loose berries and long peduncle. Medium sized berry, short elliptical shape and thick yellow-green skin. Grape with characteristic flavour.


Medium size leaf, cuneiform-cordiform shape. Short lateral sinuses with flat contour. Small compact bunch with very short peduncle. Medium elliptic berry, greenish-yellow skin with uncolored pulp.


Medium-large leaf size, pentagonal, 5-lobed shaped and medium teeth with convex sinuses. Narrow petiolar sinus. Medium size bunch with medium compactness and short peduncles. Medium berry, short elliptic shape, greenish-yellow color and colorless pulp.


Medium size leaf, cuneiform, U-shaped petiolar sinus, folded surface with short petiole. Medium size bunch, loose berries and short peduncle. Medium berry, green-yellow color and truncated- ovoid form.


Medium size leaf, orbicular, 3-lobed, U-shaped petiolar sinus with non overlapped lateral sinuses, marked inferior lateral sinuses and slightly marked superior sinuses. Blade and veins of underside with cottony texture. Medium bunch with regular and conical shape. Medium black berry, spherical shape, colorless juice, medium thickness skin and fleshy pulp.


Medium size leaf, cordiform shaped, slightly marked concave teeth, unmarked inferior or superior sinuses or slightly marked, blade and underside veins with cottony texture. Medium conical bunch, loose berries and visible peduncle, medium berry covered with bloom, black color, ovoid shape, colorless juice, medium thick skin and fleshy pulp.


Medium size leaf, cordiform (heart shaped), slightly pronounced concave teeth, unmarked superior and inferior sinuses or slightly marked, blade and underside veins with cottony texture. Pink berry, truncated- ovoid form and colorless pulp.


Large size leaf, pentagonal and 5-lobed shaped. Short concave teeth. Short petiole, U-shaped petiolar sinus. Compact bunch with cylindrical shape. Very short peduncle. Small spherical berry, blue-black skin, short petiole and colorless pulp.


Large size leaf with pentagonal shape. Deep lateral sinuses with flat contour. V-shaped petiolar sinus. Small conical bunch, short, medium compactness with short peduncles. Short elliptical berry, black color, covered with a lot of bloom and colorless pulp.


Orbicular leaf, medium-small size, wide open U-shaped petiolar sinus and pronounced 5-lobed shape. Profile is hairless with convex teeth. Medium cylindrical bunch with medium compactness. Medium elliptic pink berry with colorless pulp.


Small size leaf, pentagonal, V-shaped petiolar sinus, undulated blade and very short petiole. Small compact bunch with very short peduncle. Very little spherical berry with blue-black skin.


Medium size leaf, 3-lobed orbicular shape. Slightly dentate profile and U-shaped petiolar sinus with overlapping lobes. Small compact bunch with short petiole. Medium berry slightly elliptic, black-red skin with uncolored flesh.

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