Tenerife Wine


After the conquest of the Canary Islands in the XVI century a great variety of wine cultivation systems were originated.Generally, in traditional farming systems vine tends to spend a good part of its vegetative cycle lying on the ground during spring and winter. It is in July when vineyards  are raised, forming vine arbours made from forks from shrubs such as heather, faya and yew.

In the region of Tacoronte – Acentejo, we find a traditional system of cultivation horizontally organized. The strains are planted in lines, creating a field with strips of vegetation, known as “marjas” or “majaras “.

In the middle regions there are vine arbours of only half a metre. Here, the forks are known as “hooks” and the have a bifurcation forming a “V” on one end which supports the vineyard. On the other hand, in higher altitude regions vine arbours are a metre-high.

In La Orotava Valley there is one of the most peculiar forms of vineyard in Tenerife: the braided cord or”trenzado. Its trails” are usually formed at 50 cm from the  ground. As in other r egions of the island, multiple cords are often dismantled in winter to produce a horticultural crop, usually potatoes, taking advantage of the vegetative stop of the vine.

In the region of Ycoden Daute Isora high vine arbours are commonly found at the borders of the different blocks, where they occupy the whole edge. This vine arbours have a marked inclination, that resembles to the mid-wired cordon. Unlike other areas of the island, the structure that supports the vineyards is permanent.

In  the  areas  of  the  south-east,  the  most  commonly used  system  is  the  low  arbour  along  the borders  of  the  vineyard. T The  structure  supporting  the  arbour is  made  from  two  wires  that  set  its width, with the forks placed horizontally across them.

Finally, there are other systems in Tenerife, of great interest, such as the cup formations of Vilaflor or  the  Semi-arbours  of  the  upper  reaches  of  the  Valle  de  Güimar  District  and  the  slopes  of  the Anaga mountains.

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